Diversity Profile: Clarence Yip

19 June

Clarence was drawn to work as a career fire fighter in the Metropolitan Fire Brigade (MFB) by the team environment - helping the community and people in need is what keeps him there.

Recalling some of his proudest moments on the job - from being first on the scene when St Kilda’s iconic Palace nightclub caught fire, to being thanked by a grateful young woman he helped to save after a car accident - Clarence always go back to the importance of his training.

“It’s an exciting and challenging job,” he said. And it’s the comprehensive training that ensures he knows how to handle all those challenges. 

When asked what he loves most about the job, Clarence doesn’t hesitate saying:

“Reaching out to the community. It can be an emergency but also the little things - like the excitement of little children seeing the truck, and doing work with prep kids, making their day and explaining fire safety. Seeing how stoked they get, waving hello from the truck - they are the day-to-day highlights.”

After 13 years as a career fire fighter, Clarence believes it’s time to modernise Victoria’s fire services.

“Melbourne is growing both upwards and outwards at a rapid rate, with population growth, constructions, homes, and commercial industry. We need to address many issues, such as healthcare, law enforcement, education, public transport, including our fire services. The new proposed fire services reform is needed to look at how to plan for the future to best serve the community,” he said.

“We are getting left behind in the past, in terms of safety in the community and the safety of fire fighters, so we need to step forward and make it better, in the interest of the community.”


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