Letter by Ryan Vague

6 July

As a career fire fighter in the CFA, I see the proposed fire services restructure as a positive step forward for the people of Victoria.

Our state is growing and with growth comes greater demand for emergency services - volunteers can't keep up, nor should they have to.

Urban areas need a guaranteed response to calls for help, which only career fire fighters can provide.

I am by no means downgrading the fantastic work of volunteers. My parents live in a regional area supported entirely by CFA volunteers. In their town and others like it, the volunteer model is important and should continue.

However, in Melbourne's expanding suburbs and major regional centres, a more effective emergency response is vital.

Only career fire fighters can provide a 90 second response to emergencies. Enough is enough with using career and volunteer fire fighters as political footballs.

It's not 'Us against them' - it's about fixing our fire service. A restructure can provide a greater fire service for all Victorians.

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